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Electric Boat Motor Outboard Engine with Battery 3HP

Electric Boat Motor Outboard Engine with Battery 3HP

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The PARSUN Joy 1.2 is the greenest outboard boat motor on the world market today. Featuring an equivalent power output to most gasoline burning 4-5 HP engine, it is far superior in many ways. From its smoother throttle control and lightweight design, making it easier to store, carry and install, to its incredibly quiet direct drive system that eliminates the need for gears, oil or cooling system – the Joy 1.2 is manufactured with premium parts to ensure maximum performance and reliability at all times.

Battery Included! One of the most impressive features of this model is its 1440 watt hour floating waterproof battery, the most powerful in its class. Built with automotive grade A cells, this battery charges faster and lasts longer than traditional alternatives – giving boaters peace of mind when they set sail. And thanks to its top-tier quality construction, Anion Canada's Service department  offers a longer and more inclusive warranty on both the motor and battery than any competitor!

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