Anion Deodorizer Ball

The Anion Deodorizer Ball is the world's smallest, rechargeable, cordless, portable Trioxygen generating ball. It eliminates bacteria, germs and removes strong odours in your home.

Imagine having fresh lettuce in your refrigerator for more than a week, or removing that fishy smell in your kitchen after cooking. You will be pleasantly surprised with this product.

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Anion Pendant Air Purifier

The Anion Pendant with Hypo-Allergenic chain works by emitting electrically charged molecules or atoms called anions. It removes ultra-fine particles like pollutants, floating viruses and bacteria, dust, allergens and more from your personal space, safeguarding your respiratory health.

Wear the necklace when you are shopping, in public places, while you travel, in confined areas such as elevators, at work, or at the gym. In addition, you will feel a sense of calmness and well-being.

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Anion Oxygen Bar

The Anion Oxygen Bar air purifier is ideal for your vehicle and/or desktop at home and at work. This product utilizes the latest particle detection technology to determine air quality.

The product uses 3 levels of anions (negative ions) production to keep the air clean of smoke, allergens, microbes, bacteria and virus laden particles, pet dander, odors, perfumes, and more.

The unit emits enough anions to create an atmosphere of calmness and well being while cleaning the air of normal amounts of unwanted particulate.

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Anion UVC Light Sanitizer Diffuser and Phone Charger Box

The Anion UVC Light disinfection/sterilization box with 10 LED lamps that emit light in the UV spectrum at 254nm wavelength at an intensity that studies show will kill up to 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses in less than 4 minutes.

The box is large enough to fit any size phone.  It is also deep enough to accommodate other items that need to be disinfected after potential exposure to a virus or bacteria such as masks, jewellery, car keys, headphones, gloves etc.

The diffuser option allows user to freshen items with a few drops of essential oils. It is activated by a separate button

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Anion UVC Submersible Light Tube

The Anion UVC water treatment tube for hot tub/spa application is a fully submersible, long lasting, non corrosive, simple to use devise that will enhance the hot tub ownership experience by adding another level of protection while lowering the cost of ownership and improving the whole hot tub experience. Safe to use in regular or salt water environment, the unit provides 150 watts of 254nm UVC light waves that disrupt the DNA of nasty bacterias while helping to clarify the water and remove the odours associated with both Bromine and Chlorine chemicals.


Anion Essential Oils

The Anion line of essential oils are 100% pure oils without any artificial additives or perfumes. We have selected one of the most respected producers in the world to supply us with our premium quality oils.


Anion Diffuser and Humidifier

Our line of diffusers and humidifiers are vibrant, stylish and current. They range from entry level to fashion to WiFi connected.


Anion Wireless Rechargeable LED Light Bars

Anion motion sensor light bars featuring top grade COB LEDs giving 5 times the light output as older style LEDs commonly sold. Perfect for under counters, closets, basements, hall ways and dark areas.


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